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2010-11-07 01:20:56 by dragonslash

That is all.

.......................hee hee....

2009-04-03 02:36:16 by dragonslash
Updated is done. i decided to try to make an audio submission, and it's now finished.

it is:

<a> ten/227791<a>


2009-04-01 11:54:14 by dragonslash

WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO NEWGROUNDS!?!?!?!?!?!? no violence, no funny stuff, no nothing that would interest a growing mind?!?!?!!? WHAT IS GOING ON TOM?!??!!?!? THIS SITE IS GONNA LOSE TONS OF US AMEREICAN USERS......AND TO ANY1 THAT LIKE VIOLENCE, LEAVE BEFORE THEY TAKE OVER YOUR BRAIN!!!!

ok i gotta know: how do you masters of flash do it? if possible can you help me in starting to be able to understand how to make flash? im sick of looking at all every1 else's stuff and saying" man, i wish i could do that..." no now is the time to embrace flash and get the lowdown on how to do this stuff. i most apreciate it!!!!!


ok on to the next secnario

2008-04-02 05:17:01 by dragonslash

just for a record how many ppl are loving smbz (that super mario bros z) from alvin earth-worm?

ok lets try again......

2008-02-08 18:40:14 by dragonslash

somebody say something random!!!!!!!!!!

hi all....

2008-02-02 03:25:42 by dragonslash

well i dont know what to i dont care